Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pink and Gray

{photo source unknown}

The next couple weeks leave me with a little "extra" time, not that this busy mama ever has time that is truly extra. But a bit more expendable time than usual. I plan to redo my girls' room--fingers crossed and all goes well. They have waited a long time to have a pretty room. We have yet to find the magical method of keeping their room clean, but I want them to have a space they are proud to keep in order. I found a beautiful vintage platter that is our inspiration piece. I'll post a picture soon. Their colors are pink and gray with a touch of green. I want to paint all the mismatched furniture white. My oldest required some French-inspired touches.

I made a trip to Lowe's today for paint samples, and to Hobby Lobby for some items to get started. I was pleased that nearly everything I bought was either on sale or clearance, or from the thrift store. I still need to purchase the paint and one or two items, but that will have to wait till the weekend.

The photo above is the inspiration photo that we all agree we love. The girls already have pink comforters, so the room will not look the same as the picture--in fact, it really won't look anything like it. But the color combo and the soft, romantic look is what we are after. Pictures to come!

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